Cats As Pets

Feral Cats As Pets

Do Feral Cats Make Good Pets?

I love this question because all 4 of my current cats I have were rescued from the wild by me and have absolutely turned out to be the very best pets I’ve had period of any animal species or anything!! Quite frankly I did not know what to think when I brought the first kitten home. I was new at saving these guys at the time. But I knew if I didn’t save them their chances to survive very long would go way down.

It Was Initially Part Of My Job

Going back nearly 10 years ago now, I was doing a special job for a construction company I was doing pest and termite work for. It so happened that on the property of the home office of this company a momma cat had her kittens under the building, so quickly some of the workers started to complain about fleas and getting bit by fleas sitting at their desks or walking in and out of the offfice building and their cars, so on and so forth. My job was to catch the cats, momma, babies and all so they could be relocated, as well as treat the premises for fleas.

I really Wasn’t Looking For A New Cat!!

I had just lost a cat I had for many years I adopted at Pet Smart and wasn’t ready for a new companion (So I Thought!!), besides I had another cat Miles already, and a new Parakeet Chad I was getting to really enjoy. I was really taking Ms.Maui’s loss very hard.

This is the part that really surprised me, was how I got so attached to these cats so easily. Before I knew it I took the alpha male, a beautiful Black Kitten full of energy and swagger, and brought him home, and named him Black which was the name of another black cat I had as a child. About a week later I trapped a gray and white female kitten and had run out of any place to take her so I took her home too. That was supposed to be temporary till I could find another home for her. Well guess what?? 10 years later and she is still my baby girl and I don’t know what I’d do without her!! I named her Boo since she was very shy at first. She’s been by my side when I really have needed her, she has claimed me as hers and that’s just the way it is!!! Certainly we were put together by God! No doubt in my mind at all!!

Kittens Are Easy But They All Deserve A Chance!

In this case I was able to bring home 2 kittens and tame them, train them and they have been my best pets ever. I’ve adopted 2 others since and 1 of them was already about 2 says the vet. I am not sure if she was lost somehow or was born wild, but the vet seems to lean toward likely being feral from birth. She adoptedd us very well and my have a slight “cattittude” but we still love her just as much. It gives her a special personality all her own!!! Her name is Millie. And the youngest is another girl. She’s black and white like a cow. So I named her Elsie. They are all loved and love back! If you find a lost or abandoned cat, and can afford to give it a home, the cat will reward you with love and companionship that is unmatchable.